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Notes for object PKS 0745-19 Cluster

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1. 2007MNRAS.376.1073Z
Re:PKS 0745-19 CLUSTER
PKS 0745-19 . Edge (2001) has presented these data as part of a programme to
measure CO emission in galaxy clusters. Hicks et al. (2002) present recent
Chandra data for this cluster.

2. 2006ApJ...643..730D
Re:PKS 0745-19 Cluster
PKS 0745-191, at z = 0.1028, is the most distant cluster in our sample. It hosts
a powerful radio source and a luminous emission-line nebula. The results of
Hicks et al. (2002) on Chandra data for PKS 0745-191 are consistent with those
we obtain from our projected one-temperature spectral fits. The metallicity
profiles are also similar in that they remain nearly constant with a value of
~0.45 solar. The projected two-temperature fits are not relevant here because we
did not find a second temperature necessary for any annulus. Comparison with the
results of Chen et al. (2003) for XMM-Newton data for PKS 0745-191 yields
consistency between each group's results. For projected and deprojected
one-temperature spectral fits with fixed N_H_, we find a temperature profile
similar to Chen et al. (2003). Our metallicity profiles are also consistent in
values and trend with radius.

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