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Notes for object NGC 6086

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1. 2010A&A...516A...1L
Re:NGC 6086
NGC 6086 in Abell 2162. This Abell cluster is a low X-ray luminosity cluster
(Burns et al. 1994). Its BCG is a bright cD galaxy, which hosts a double-lobed
radio source. In the NVSS image, the total flux density is ~108.7 mJy and its
angular size is ~3.5 arcmin. In the FIRST image, the radio emission is partly
resolved out (only ~60 mJy) and extended over ~2.5 arcmin. No clear structure is
discernible. The radio spectrum and morphology suggest that it is a relic galaxy
where the core radio activity stopped some time ago. Our VLBA observations did
not detect a radio source to a 5{sigma} limit of 0.55 mJy/beam.

2. 2008MNRAS.391.1009L
Re:NGC 6086
NGC 6086: the surface brightness profile was published by Schombert (1986) and
the HST imaging by Laine et al.(2003). Carter et al.(1999) found this galaxy to
have a KDC. Even though some evidence of substructure can be seen, this core
cannot be confirmed since the profiles measured here do not cover the same
radial extend as those in Carter et al. (1999).

3. 2000A&A...362..871C
Re:NGC 6086
1610+29 (NGC 6086): This galaxy does not exhibit any obvious
peculiarities. It is the brightest galaxy of the cluster Abell 2162.

4. 1986A&AS...64..135P
Re:B2 1610+29
The source is associated with the brightest cD central galaxy of Abell
2162. For optical data, see Fanti et al (1982).

5. 1976RC2...C...0000d
Re:NGC 6086
In Abell 2162.
NGC 6085 at 6.7 arcmin.
Photometry (V,V-r):
A.J., 75, 695, 1970.

6. 1973UGC...C...0000N
Re:UGC 10270
See UGC 10269

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