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Notes for object NGC 6552

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1. 2007ApJ...657..167S
Re:NGC 6552
NGC 6552.- We fit the XMM-Newton 0.5-8 keV spectrum of this source with an
absorbed power law ({GAMMA} = 2.8^+0.37^_-0.13_) with a 0.75% scattered
component. The best fit (C/dof = 121/166) gives N_H_ = 7.1^+4.0^_-1.0 * 10^23^
cm^2^.^ The Fe K line is detected at 6.4 keV, with EW = 1408^+668^_-883_ eV.
However, the pexrav model can also give an acceptable fitting of the spectrum,
with {GAMMA} = 2.86^+0.34^-0/47_ and a Fe K line EW = 4990^+3910^_-2390_ (C/dof
= 128/166). The fitted 2-10 keV flux is 2.32 * 10^-13^ ergs s^-1^ cm^-2^. We
adopt the absorbed power-law model for the spectrum fitting in the paper in
terms of the better C-statistic. We note that the consideration of this source
as Compton-thick does not affect our results as presented in this paper.

2. 2003ApJS..149...29G
Re:RX J1800.1+6636
This X-ray source was already identified by Bower et al.
(1996MNRAS.281...59B) as a Sy2 galaxy (NGC 6552). We took an
additional spectrum (z=0.0260) to confirm the AGN2 nature.

3. 1998AJ....116.2682C
Re:IRAS 18001+6638A
NGC 6552. Seyfert 2. Optical position from Takase & Miyauchi-Isobe
(1989). Flat radio spectrum based on S = 18 mJy at 4.86 GHz (Condon
et al. 1991a).

4. 1973UGC...C...0000N
Re:UGC 11096
Bar 0.7 x 0.20 in elongated smooth ring

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