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Notes for object ESO 245- G 005

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1. 2006ApJS..165..307M
Re:ESO 245- G 005
HIPASS J0145-43 (ESO 245-G005).This is a resolved LSB IBm/SBm containing bubbly
H II regions especially at the bar ends. This galaxy was imaged in H I by Cote
et al. (2000), while Miller (1996) present NB imaging in H{alpha} and [O III].

2. 2005A&A...433..751M
Re:ESO 245- G 005
ESO 245-05. A dwarf companion to NGC 625 in the Sculptor group. Its
TRGB distance was measured by Karachentsev et al. (2003a). The
luminous central region may be an HII region or a nucleus.

3. 2000AJ....120.3027C
Re:ESO 245- G 005
ESO 245-G005-Its H I kinematical axis is here again departing from
the optical major axis, although less drastically than for the previous
two galaxies. The photometry of Miller (1994) and Cote (1995) shows an
underlying exponential disk of position angle of 144^deg^ and
inclination of 37^deg^, with a strong bar at a position angle of
115^deg^. The best results from the tilted-ring fits to the H I gives a
position angle of 88 ^deg^ +/- 8^deg^, for an inclination of
54^deg^ +/- 10^deg^. The large errors quoted here on these orientation
parameters reflect the range of possible tilted-ring solutions yielding
acceptable velocity residuals. The resulting rotation curve is still
rising out to the last measured velocity reaching 43 km s^-1^, and
seemingly not showing any sign of flattening. This is not surprising
since the maximum rotation of a dwarf of this luminosity is expected to
be around 60 km s^-1^. From spectrophotometric data of eight H II
regions Miller (1996) finds a strong abundance gradient along the bar,
which is unusual in a barred Magellanic galaxy. It is possible that some
H I cloud of a different metallicity has been accreted in an otherwise
normal dwarf galaxy, or that the whole object is the product of a recent
merger, with not yet a good global mixing of the heavy elements
throughout the system. No mass model was carried out on ESO 245-G005
because of its uncertain kinematics.

4. 1985SGC...C...0000C
Re:[RC2] A0143-43
Plate 3493
Pretty bright bar, many bright and faint knots. 2 pretty bright star

5. 1982ESOU..C...0000L
Re:ESO 014258-4350.9
=ESO 245- G 05
*associated? with ESO 245- G 07

6. 1976RC2...C...0000d
Re:[RC2] A0143-43
This is a Magellanic Dwarf.

7. 1964RC1...C...0000d
Re:[RC1] A0143
= HB 919
Dwarf Magellanic irregular.
At 3.5 arcmin north-following the bright star HD 10818.
See H.B., 919, 41, 1941.
Dimensions: 5 arcmin x 3 arcmin.
Magnitude: 13.3 mag

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