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Notes for object NGC 7056

2 note(s) found in NED.

1. 2007AJ....134.2286H
Re:KIG 0911
CIG 911: The galaxy was classified as SBb (NED). The optical images show
multiple arms emanating from a central ringed region that encloses a bar. The
bar is red in color, while the arms are bluer. The composed JHK image permits us
to see a barred structure enclosed by a ring oriented in the direction of the
bar. We classify this galaxy as SB(r)b. The (B - V) color corresponds to Sb
types. The photometric I- and JHK-band ({epsilon} and P.A.) profiles show
evidence of a bar in the inner 15" of this galaxy.

2. 1973AISAO...8....3K
Re:KIG 0911
Very tight wound arms.

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