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Notes for object CXO J112015.7+133513

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1. 2006ApJS..166..154P
Re:NGC 3628:[PCV2006] ULX19
ULX19 is found in the edge-on spiral galaxy NGC 3628 (T = 3). The ULXis in the
center of a prominent dust lane, and a single counterpart is detected with log
L_X_/L_V_eff__ = 1.6. This is consistent with an isolated X-ray binary scenario;
however, the V-band flux is probably underestimated due to extinction.

2. 2002ApJS..143...25C
Re:IXO 39
4.25. IXO 39 IXO 39 is located near the nucleus of the edge-on
starburst galaxy NGC 3628 (Fig. 7). It is also known as NGC 3628 X-1.
See Dahlem, Heckman, & Fabbiano (1995) and Strickland et al. (2001) for
discussions of this well-known IXO. See also Bregman & Glassgold
(1982), FKT92, Yaqoob et al. (1995), RPS97, Dahlem, Weaver, & Heckman
(1998), and RW2000.

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