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Notes for object NGC 7231

2 note(s) found in NED.

1. 2008MNRAS.390..466E
Re:UGC 11951
UGC 11951. The rotation curve published in Paper II is incorrect due to a typo
in the value of the position angle of the major axis.

2. 2003A&A...399...51G
Re:UGC 11951
UGC 11951 This galaxy has a bar with strong H{alpha} emission and there
are bright HII regions in the west spiral arm whereas there is only
faint diffuse H{alpha} emission on the east side where no spiral arm can
be seen on the optical image. The isovelocity lines design suggests a
warp in the outer parts (confirmed by the HI velocity field), well
marked on the blueshifted side, and shows the classical S-shaped
distortions produced by a bar in the central part. The value adopted for
the position angle of the major axis is that suggested by the WHISP data
for the outer parts. The resulting rotation curve is fairly symmetric
and shows a solid body rotation curve. This behaviour is in agreement
with the HI data showing that the plateau is barely reached at 2 arcmin
from the center (see position-velocity plot), but comparing our radial
velocities with that of WHISP, suggest that the maximum is just reached
at the end of the H{alpha} curve.

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