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Notes for object 2CXO J123617.4+255855

2 note(s) found in NED.

1. 2006ApJS..166..154P
Re:NGC 4565:[PCV2006] ULX32
ULX32 is found in NGC 4565, an edge-on spiral (T = 3). The ULXis on the edge
of the bulge and has been identified with a globular cluster in Wu et al.

2. 2002ApJS..143...25C
Re:IXO 67
4.41. IXO 67 IXO 67 is positioned in the halo of the edge-on spiral
galaxy NGC 4565, ~1' from the nucleus (see Fig. 12). See Vogler,
Pietsch, & Kahabka (1996) and Wu et al. (2002) for more discussions of
IXO 66. See also Mizuno et al. (1999) and Makishima et al. (2000).

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