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Notes for object UGC 12149

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1. 1997ApJ...477..631V
Re:MRK 0917
MRK 917 = MCG +05-53-09
The optical and ultraviolet spectrum of Mrk 917 is indicative of
photoionization by a hard power-law source (Ferland & Osterbrock 1986;
Veilleux & Osterbrock 1987; Osterbrock et al. 1992). Durret (1994)
detected ionized gas in this galaxy over 15" (10.5 kpc for a distance of
145 Mpc). The K-band spectrum of Mrk 917 reveals relatively strong
Br{gamma} and H_2_{lambda}2.121 lines of nearly equal strengths (Fig.
2m). There is no evidence for any broad emission at Br{gamma}; in fact,
the H_2_ line appears slightly broader than Br{gamma}. We derive
F(Br{gamma}_b_) < 1.8 x 10^-15^ ergs s^-1^ cm^-2^. The He I{lambda}2.058
and H_2_{lambda}2.223 lines are barely detected in our spectrum.

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