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Notes for object NGC 7589

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1. 2008ApJ...677L..13G
Re:NGC 7589
NGC 7589.-Classified as an Sa by Impey et al. (1996) (LSB 473 in Galaz
et al. 2002, 2006), it has {mu}_0_ (B)=21.51 mag arcsec^2^ and is
therefore an HSB galaxy. Located at cz_Hel_=8938 km s^-1^ , it has a
diameter of 36.12 kpc and has traces of a disk bar. The difference
between its bulge color (B-R=2.0) and the disk color (B-R=1.47) shows
that this galaxy has a metal-rich bulge compared to the bulge of other
spirals (Galaz et al. 2006). Its near-IR bulge color (J-K_s_=0.81)
suggests that the bulge is more metallic than other bulges in spirals
(Galaz et al. 2002) and larger in size, with a scale length of 900 pc (B
band). Its H I mass of 51.29 x 10^8^ m_sun_ makes it ~7 times more
massive than UGC 02081. In spite of its absolute magnitude (m_b_= -19.87
mag), the galaxy is not detected by IRAS.

2. 2001A&A...365....1M
Re:NGC 7589
NGC 7589: NGC 7589 was mapped in H I at the VLA by Pickering et al. (1997).
Our new H I profile hints at a possible small amount of additional flux on
the low-velocity side of the profile compared with the VLA global spectrum;
this is probably caused by confusion with F893-29, which was also detected
in H I at the VLA. F893-29 is a 17.1 mag Sb? spiral (NED) or dwarf
(Pickering et al. 1997), 3.3' SW of the LSB Giant, with a E-W separation of
2.2'. F893-29 has a systemic H I velocity of 8768 km s^-1^
(Pickering et al. 1997), consistent with the velocity of the "extra" flux
we observe associated with our global profile of NGC 7589. Our new
integrated line flux (2.96 Jy km s^-1^) agrees well with that reported by
Pickering et al (1997; 2.7 Jy km s^-1^), hence the flux contamination from
this second source appears to be minimal. However our line profile widths
appear to be overestimated by ~100 km s^-1^ due to this second source,
hence corrections have been applied to the W_20_ and W_50_ measurements
in Tables 2 and 4.

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