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Notes for object NGC 7637

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1. 2008A&A...481..645F
Re:AM 2322-821
AM 2322-821: The main component is a Sa/b galaxy with an irregular companion. We
detected a large number (n=27) of HII regions in the H{alpha} image. A rough
estimate of its mass was determined using the relation M_B_ vs. t for each
region. The nuclear region is at least 10 times more massive than the HII
regions observed in the galaxy. This region has M = 1 x 10^9^ m_sun_ and its age
is T = 6.7 X 10^6^ years. In this galaxy the HII regions have a total mass
estimated between 1 x 10^6^ < M/M_sun_ < 3 x 10^7^. The most massive HII region
is #1 and the least massive is #25. The ages of the regions is between 5.2 x
10^6^ < t < 6.7 x 10^^ years.
Many HII regions were observed in the secondary galaxy. The total number is
seven, six are located, in the diagram L(H{alpha}) vs. t, in the same zone as
the regions in the main component. Region #1 is more massive and older than the
other six regions. Its mass and age are M = 3 x 10^7^ M_sun_ and t = 7.38 x
10^6^ years, respectively. Having analysed the colour ( (B-V)_0_=0.33), mass,
and age, we suspect that this region could be the nuclear region in this galaxy.

2. 2004A&A...428..837F
Re:AM 2322-821
AM2322-821: This pair at cz = 3680 km s-^1^ is formed by a Sa/b galaxy and
an irregular object. The main galaxy has a typical colour of Sb galaxy,
(B-V) = 0.81 and shows the typical bulge plus disk profile. An
off-center ring can be observed in the images (Fig. 10).
The secondary galaxy is almost as faint as a dwarf, M_B_ = -18.9 and
its luminosity profile is exponential in the outer regions. Many HII
regions are observed in both components.

3. 1985SGC...C...0000C
Re:NGC 7637
Plate 2563
Bright nucleus, bright (r): 0.5 x 0.4. Star superposed 0.7 north.
Overexposed companion 2.3 north-preceding.
Plate 3655
Pretty bright nucleus, bright (r): 0.5 x 0.45, knotty arms. Star
superposed 0.7 north. Small S: 2.3 north-preceding.

4. 1982ESOU..C...0000L
Re:ESO 232242-8211.2
=ESO 012- G 01
small companion 2.4 north preceding

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