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Notes for object NGC 7722

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1. 2005MNRAS.364.1253V
Re:NGC 7722
NGC 7722. Along with a very high ratio of cold-to-warm dust this object also has
a very prominent dust lane, extending over most of the NE 'half' of the galaxy.
The 850-{mu}m emission clearly follows the dust lane evident in the optical. The
2{sigma} submm peak to the NW of the galaxy is not associated with any noisy

2. 2004MNRAS.348.1197T
Re:NGC 7722
3.1.6 NGC 7722 Although the H I emission associated with NGC 722 is
weak, it is aligned along the dust lane visible in the optical image.
The dip in the H I approximately coincides with the peak in the 850
microns emission. Although there is a radio continuum source at the
centre of the galaxy, it is too weak to explain the dip in the H I as
the result of absorption. Wang, Kenney & Ishizuki (1992) observed NGC
7722 in CO (J= 1 -> 0, with a beam of 16 arcsec) and found a molecular
gas mass of ~10^9^ M_sun_. Although this observation was positioned at
the radio centre (rather than at the H I dip), this galaxy is rich in
molecular gas which may explain the lack of H I.

3. 1973UGC...C...0000N
Re:UGC 12718
Companion 3.8, 258, 0.6 x 0.10, spiral

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