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Notes for object NGC 7786

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1. 2010A&A...516A...1L
Re:NGC 7786
NGC 7768 in Abell 2666. Scodeggio et al. (1995) did not find any evidence of
substructures in the central cluster region. Its BCG is a cD galaxy in the
center of the cluster. It contains a dusty nuclear disk approximately aligned
with the major axis of the galaxy (Grillmair et al. 1994) and radio emission at
the mJy level (~2 mJy, which corresponds to Log P=21.50 W/Hz).
In our VLBA data (Fig. 9), it shows a one sided structure with a core flux
density S ~ 0.72 mJy and total flux density ~1.31 mJy. The jet is oriented
in the direction NW-SE, and has S ~ 0.59 mJy and an extension of ~4 mas from the

2. 1975ByuO...47....1A
Re:ARK 588
(= NGC 7786)
Compact elliptical red object.

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