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Notes for object IC 0184

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1. 2004A&A...415..941E
Re:IC 0184
IC 184: Suggested as double-barred by Marquez et al. (1999). Inspection of the
WFPC2 F606W image shows the "inner bar" quite clearly as the galaxy's only bar;
the "outer bar" is resolved into a series of bright spiral arms (thus, this
galaxy is similar to NGC 1667, above). There is no sign of any bar inside the
"inner" bar; there is an inner ellipticity peak in the WFPC2 ellipse fits, but
this is apparently due to dust lanes (high-res near-IR imaging may be needed to
clearly rule out a true inner bar).

2. 1999A&AS..140....1M
Re:IC 0184
This galaxy shows rotation of the PA and twisting of the isophotes in
the central region. Evidence for the existence of a bar inside the
primary bar is presented in Figs. 2b and 2e, where {epsilon} shows two
maxima for a rather constant PA. The inner bar is also evident in the
broad band HST image by Malkan et al. (1998). The region connecting the
two bars is visible in Fig. 2b as a thin curved elongation starting at
the end of the inner (thicker) bar.
The difference image in Fig. 2c shows the two nested bars as well as
the region where the spiral arms begin; the spiral arm to the north is
much brighter than its southern counterpart. Due to the bars and arms,
the residuals are high except in the very outer zones (Fig. 2g), and the
bulge + disk fit is not very good (Fig. 2f).

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