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Notes for object NGC 3104

5 note(s) found in NED.

1. 2004MNRAS.349..225G
Re:UGC 05414
4.10 UGC 5414 This dwarf galaxy presents ionized gas all over the
galaxy, a main body and some filaments on the north side. No clear
nucleus is detected on the continuum map and the centre of rotation has
been determined using the H I velocity field derived by Swaters et
al. (2002), the contour map of the galaxy continuum found on the CADC
server and by symmetrizing the rotation curve. The rotation curve is
rising continuously up to a value of 55 km s^-1^ at 90 arcsec; both sides
are fairly well superimposed except for radii between 30 and 50 arcsec
where the receding velocities decrease, mainly because of the odd
behaviour of the region surrounded by the isovelocity 602 km s^-1^ on the
southern side. The error bars are rather large, 20 km s^-1^ on average,
and the shape of the isovelocities shows that there are non-circular
motions, mainly on the southern side. The H I velocity map and the
rotation curve of Swaters (1999); Swaters et al. (2002) show that the H
i disc is no more extended than the ionized gas (90 arcsec). Both major
axes, determined in H I and in H{alpha}, are in good agreement (2deg
different) but the H I rotation curve is systematically found above the
optical one by 5-10 km s^-1^, although we adopt the same
inclination. This discrepancy, however, remains within the error bars of
both rotation curves. The distribution of the neutral gas (WHISP) is
similar to that of the ionized gas.

2. 2001MNRAS.325.1017V
Re:UGC 05414
UGC 5414: The observed rotation velocities imply that
{UPSILON}_R_ <~ 1.0(M/L)_sun_. Furthermore, the data favour a
constant-density core, and are clearly inconsistent with CDM. However, none
of the mass models provides a realistic fit, even for {alpha} = 0 (either
c < 1 or f_bar_ < 0.01).

3. 1976RC2...C...0000d
Re:NGC 3104
= Arp 264
= VV 119
Many emission knots and faint extensions.

4. 1973UGC...C...0000N
Re:UGC 05414
VV 119, Arp 264
"Faint diffuse outer material" (Arp)

5. 1959VV....C...0000V
Re:VV 119
= NGC 3104
Blue and red knots

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