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Notes for object NGC 3808 NED02

3 note(s) found in NED.

1. 2002AJ....124..675C
Re:UGC 06643 NED02
UGC 06643a also contributes to F11381+2243.

2. 2000A&AS..141..385V
Re:NGC 3808b
D-19 = NGC 3808b = UGC 6643. (A,G,N) Northern member of a close
interacting pair with luminous bridge and short tails, see the CCD
images by Gavazzi & Randone (1994), Laurikainen et al. (1998) and
Reshetnikov et al. (1996); H{alpha} imaging by Gavazzi et al. (1998);
near-infrared photometry by Gavazzi et al (1996b) and Grauer et al.
(1998). Considered (Reshetnikov & Combes 1994; Reshetnikov et al. 1996)
a galaxy in the process of forming a ring rotating around the major axis
of the galaxy through accretion, with a size comparable to that of the
galaxy. Very peculiar H{alpha} kinematics, with a noticeable offset
between the photometric and kinematic centres; the ring (in formation)
has a nearly straight H{alpha} rotation curve (Reshetnikov & Combes
1994; Reshetnikov et al. 1996). Has a nuclear spectrum on the boundary
of AGN and H II-type spectra (Reshetnikov & Combes 1994). Listed as
pair, with a 1.1' separation: NGC 3808a, a 14.1 mag SAB(rs)c:pec object
of 1.7' diameter at a mean optical redshift of 7050 +/- 38 km s^-1^
(LEDA), and NGC 3808b (the PRC object), a 15 mag I0? pec object of 0.5'
diameter, at 7189 +/- 55 km s^-1^ (LEDA). No other objects were found in
the Nancay search area.

3. 1959VV....C...0000V
Re:VV 300b
Seems to be connected to a 20 mag galaxy at 0.4 arcmin from E.

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