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Notes for object NGC 4650A

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1. 2002A&A...386..140V
Re:PRC A-05
A-05 (=NGC 4650A): this is probably the best-studied of
all polar ring galaxies, see, e.g., Arnaboldi et al. (1997).
Detected in the present survey and in 4 others, including
two interferometric mappings (see Table 2). The VLA and
Australia Telescope H I imaging show that our single-dish
spectrum is not confused by the two other relatively bright,
but early-type galaxies in the Parkes beam, NGC 4650
( V_opt_=2859 km s^-1^) and NGC 4650B (V_opt_=2515 km s^-1^).
These early-type galaxies are expected to be gas-poor

2. 1994AJ....107...99R
Re:NGC 4650A
A-5 = NGC 4650A. The GB 140' sees 6.7 x 10^9^ M_sun_, 50% more flux
than the VLA (4.6 x 10^9^ M_sun_; van Gorkom et al. 1987); the linewidths
are quite similar. A preliminary reduction of the VLA archival data (F.
Briggs, private communication) shows that the nearby spiral companion,
NGC 4650, has a significant amount of H I flux. NGC 4650 is 5' away from
NGC 4650A, well inside the GB 140' beam, and has a radial velocity of
2953 km s^-1^, ie it is within 100 km s^-1^ of NGC 4650A. There are two
other companions within 10' and another two within 20' with similar
redshifts; this galaxy is in a fairly dense environment.

3. 1985SGC...C...0000C
Re:NGC 4650A
Plate 1477r
Overexposed S0-like center with peculiar arms at right angles. Similar to
NGC 2685.

4. 1982ESOU..C...0000L
Re:ESO 124205-4026.5
=ESO 322-IG 69
in cluster
*two filaments in opposite directions to centre

5. 1976RC2...C...0000d
Re:NGC 4650A
In Centaurus chain. Obj. G5 (Ap. & Space Sc., 19, 387, 1972).
Magnitude and Dimensions:
P.A.S.P., 83, 310, 1971 (No. 38).
Photograph, Dimensions, Photometry, and Spectrum:
Zs.f.Ap., 67, 306, 1967.
Bol. A.A. Argentina, N.16, 10, 1971.
Ap. & Space Sc., 19, 387, 1972.
Atlas Gal. Austr., 1968.

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