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Notes for object NGC 5279

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1. 2002AstL...28..579K
Re:NGC 5279
NGC 5278-5279. This Markarian system (Mrk 271) exhibits a spectrum with
very bright and broad emission lines in the nucleus. The spectral lines
of both components are inclined in opposite directions, indicating that
they rotate in opposite directions. The rotation curve of the primary
galaxy flattens out, albeit with certain velocity variations. The main
specific feature of this system are strongly noncoincident positions and
radial velocities of the dynamic and photometric centers of both
components (3" and 100 km s^-1^ for NGC 5278 and 6" and 20 km s^-1^ for
NGC 5279, respectively). A detailed photometric analysis of the system
performed by Mazzarella and Boroson (1993) revealed a number of regions
or spots of enhanced brightness and the brightest of them is located in
the satellite. The strong difference between the dynamic and
photometric centers mentioned above may be explained by a similar
inhomogeneity of the photometric properties of the two components. The
latter may be due, in turn, to the interaction between the galaxies.
Numerous determinations of the radial velocities of the component
centers yielded results that show a rather substantial scatter. The
LEDA database gives the velocities of 7558+/-79 and 7580+/-46 km s^-1^
for the primary galaxy and the satellite, respectively. No published
rotation curve could be found in the literature.

2. 1976RC2...C...0000d
Re:NGC 5279
Part of Arp 239 = MRK 0271 = I Zw 069 = Kara[72] 390
Interacting connected pair, with NGC 5278 at 0.6 arcmin.

3. 1973UGC...C...0000N
Re:UGC 08678
{With UGC 08677 =} VV 19, Arp 239, I Zw 69
SA(s)... pec and SB(s)a pec (de Vaucouleurs)
"Pair of blue doubly interconnected Sc's with cross-jets and compact cores"
(CGPG); "smaller galaxy is fairly symmetric spiral" (Arp)

4. 1964RC1...C...0000d
Re:NGC 5279
Very small, very bright nucleus. Short bar. 2 main smooth arms distorted:
at end of an arm from NGC 5278.
Interacting pair with NGC 5278 at 0.6 arcmin.

5. 1959VV....C...0000V
Re:VV 019b
=NGC 5279

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