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Notes for object NGC 6027

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1. 1994AJ....108.2128C
Re:PGC 056575
PGC 056575 = NGC 6027 = VV 115a = MCG +4-38-8 = part of Hickson
79b. Seyfert's 1951PASP...63...72S original notation has been adopted
for the corrected version of RC3. Note correct position in Table 5 of

2. 1976RC2...C...0000d
Re:NGC 6027
= VII Zw 631
= VV 115.
Dense Seyfert Sextet.
Note change of identification from RC1.
Seyfert's original designation adopted, as in VV and MCG [NGC 6027 = NGC 6027A
in VV and MCG].
Component D (Scp) has mean V = 19,876 +/- 42 km/sec. (Sources K3, S4).
"Nuclei of Galaxies", 366, 1971.
Photometry (VBR, total for group):
Ap. J., 178, 731, 1973.
Ap. J. (Letters), 194, L125, 1974.
Spectrum: A.J., 77, 448, 1972.
Ap. J., 185, 797, 1973.
"Nuclei of Galaxies", 368, 1971.
Radio Observations:
Astr. Ap., 28, 379, 1973.

3. 1971CGPG..C...0000Z
Re:CGPG 1557.0+2055 NED04
VII Zw 631 NOTES04
In Seyfert's group of six neutral galaxies.
Bar-like compact.
m(pg) = 14.7

4. 1961AJ.....66..541B
Re:NGC 6027
7. NGC 6027 Sextet
This group of galaxies in Serpens was discovered by Seyfert (1951). Three
members are spirals, the two brightest are S0 or Sa, and one is a peculiar
diffuse irregular galaxy. The velocities of the two brightest members were
measured by both Humason and Mayall (Humason et al. 1956); they are well
determined and are +4568 and +4160 km/sec. Magnitudes were measured by Seyfert;
they range from 14.7 to 16.9. No analysis can be carried out until more measures
of velocity are available. We note that the difference of about 400 km/sec
between the two measures is of the same order as the extreme range of velocities
measured in VV 116. The distance of the system is about 58X 10^6^ pc, and the
largest dimension of the group is only about 27 kpc (not corrected for
projection) so that the galaxies are very small.

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