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Notes for object NGC 6365

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1. 2000ApJ...545..171D
Re:NGC 6365
The NGC 6365 pair consists of a nearly edge-on Sdm (NGC 6365B)
projected against an SBcd galaxy (see Fig. 9). We analyzed five regions,
each 1 pixel wide, lying along NGC 6365B. The apparent extinctions
derived from this spectrum method indicate that NGC 6365B is the
foreground galaxy, which agrees with the respective redshifts; however,
the decision is complicated by a region on NGC 6365B that appears
diminished in brightness by a possible arm of the face-on member. In
contrast there appears to be an arm of NGC 6365A peeking from behind the
edge-on member. The interpretation that NGC 6365B is the foreground is
favored for meaningful extinctions. Because of spectral similarities, a
cross-correlation with the NGC 1739 spectrum was most useful. The
foreground galaxy has average face-on-corrected interarm extinctions of
A_B_ = 0.15 and 0.17 for the spectrum and spectrum/image methods,
respectively (and an axial ratio of a/b = 3.70).

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