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Notes for object NGC 7757

7 note(s) found in NED.

1. 2002AstL...28..579K
Re:NGC 7757
NGC 7757. The primary galaxy in this system has an asymmetric rotation
curve: the observed rotation velocity of the eastern branch reaches a
maximum of V_r_ = 100 km s^-1^ at a galactocentric distance of about
8", and that of the western branch, at a distance of 18". The rotation
curve shows a specific behavior at its center: here velocity does not
increase monotonically but the gradient dV/dr decreases locally to
zero. No published rotation curves could be found for this galaxy. The
UZC catalog (Falco et al. 2000) gives an optical radial velocity of
2960+/-21 km s^-1^, which agrees well with our results.

2. 1998PNAOJ...5...75M
Re:KUG 2346+038
A large knotty armed galaxy with a blue companion.

3. 1985ApJS...57..643D
Re:VV 407
Asymmetric spiral, with one arm extending
to a very small companion (HII region?).

4. 1977A&AS...28....1V
Re:VV 407
Plate 8 Galaxies of the M51 Type.
MCG +01-60-037 = Arp 068 = NGC 7757; /13.2m/.
Very rich with H II regions. Small spiral to the left is a chance
projection. NGC 7756, 15.1m at a distance of 4.5' is a star.

5. 1976RC2...C...0000d
Re:NGC 7757
= Arp 068
= Holm 817a
NGC 7756 (= Holm 817b) at 4.5 arcmin is a star.
Detached faint companion (in background?).

6. 1973UGC...C...0000N
Re:UGC 12788
Arp 68
SA(r)c: (de Vaucouleurs)
Listed as NGC 7756 by Arp and in CGCG, but NGC 7756 is a star
"Many star-like knots lined up along straight arm" (Arp)
Companion 1.0, 288, 0.3 x 0.1

7. 1964RC1...C...0000d
Re:NGC 7757
= Holm 817a
NGC 7756 at 4.5 arcmin (= Holm 817b) is a star.
Similar to M101.

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