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Notes for object ARP 307

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1. 2003AJ....125..555D
Re:KPG 202
A classic mixed SBb+E pair, which may form a triplet with a fainter
neighbor to the northeast. A DIS interaction type reflects asymmetries in
the spiral disk. The component velocity difference is quite large,
00 km s-1. NGC 2872, the much-studied elliptical, shows centrally
concentrated H{alpha} emission with EW = 12A . The NVSS database shows
that both components are continuum radio sources. No ISO pointings.

2. 1976RC2...C...0000d
Re:ARP 307
= Holm 130
= NGC 2872 + NGC 2874
NGC 2873 (= Holm 130d) is 1.9 arcmin north of NGC 2874.
NGC 2875 is a star.
NGC 2871 (= Holm 130c) is also a star.

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