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Notes for object Small Magellanic Cloud

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1. 2005ApJ...622..217W
Neither of these has K-band photometry, for reasons that are obvious
on reflection. They are in fact brighter than most of the galaxies in
the sample and so by rights should be included somehow. However,
since they are so close to the Milky Way, their K luminosities do not
affect any calculations separately from it, and their luminosities
are almost certainly much smaller than the uncertainty in the Milky
Way's. They are therefore ignored in the K-band calculations.

2. 1997AstL...23..656G
The SMC. Humphreys (1983) (a summary of photoelectric data on the brightest
stars of spectral types O, B, and A). The LF (for B magnitudes) that is based
on the data of Sandage and Tammann (1974) and Humphreys (1979b) (Fig. 1b,
dashed line) gives approximately the same estimate of V(5).

3. 1997AstL...23..644G
The SMC. Van den Bergh (1992) (a recommendation that is based on an analysis of
the studies of other authors); Karachentsev and Tikhonov (1994) - the selection
is based on the results of Humphreys (1979b) and Vaucouleurs (1978a, 1978b).

4. 1994CAG1..B...0000S
Local Group
The Small Magellanic Cloud is a satellite of
our Galaxy in the Local Group at a mean distance
modulus of m - M = 18.85 determined from
Cepheids. However, the galaxy is extended in the
line of sight due to its tidal disruption in a recent
close encounter with the LMC (Murai and
Fujimoto 1980). The extension in the sight line,
determined by Mathewson, Ford, and
Visvanathan (1986, 1988) is from a near distance
of 43 kpc to a far distance of 75 kpc. The main
concentration of the SMC is at a distance of 59
kpc from the Sun.
The brightest blue stars begin to resolve at
B = 10.2. The brightest red supergiants resolve
individually at V = 11.8 at a color of B - V = 1.7.

5. 1994AJ....108.2128C
Re:PGC 003085
PGC 003085 = SMC. PA = 45.

6. 1982ESOU..C...0000L
Re:ESO 005053-7304.3
=ESO 029- G 21
The Small Magellanic Cloud

7. 1976RC2...C...0000d
Re:[RC2] A0051-73
= Small Magellanic Cloud
Member of the Local Group.
Interacting pair with the LMC.
Reviews and References:
Symp. on the Magellanic Clouds, Mt. Stromlo Obs., 1965.
"The Magellanic Clouds", Ap. & Space Sc. Lib., Vol. 23, 1971.
Vistas in Astr., Vol. 12, 335, 1970.
Vistas in Astr., Vol. 14, 163, 1972.
"The Magellanic Clouds. A Bibliography, 1951-1972",
Carter Obs. Astr. Bull. No. 79, 1973.

8. 1964RC1...C...0000d
Re:[RC1] A0051
Small Magellanic Cloud.
In the Local Group.
Interacting pair with Large Magellanic Cloud at 21 degrees.
Note correction to HA 88,2 coordinates.
Monograph and references to 1954:
Suppl. Australian J. Sci., 17, No. 3, 1954.
B(asymptotic) = 2.79 (Ap. J., 131, 574, 1960).
Reviews and additional references to 1960:
Trans. I.A.U., XIC A, 292, 1961.
Reviews and additional references to 1962:
"Advances in Astron. and Astroph.", 1, , 1963.
Reviews and additional references to 1963:
I.A.U. Symposium No. 20 (Canberra).

9. 1957HPh....53..275d
(Plate 36)
The spiral pattern is reduced to the axial bar from which
emerge one bright, knotty and asymmetrical arm (above, right)
- including many supergiants - and one faint, smooth arm (lower
left, invisible on the print) containing no bright supergiants.
Traces of embryonic arms appera at the other extremities of the bar.
The peculiarity is the asymmetrical distortions towrads the
Large Magellanic Cloud (to the right).
Compare with NGC 1313 (Plate 32), and IC 1613 (Plate 37).

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