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Notes for object ESO 034-IG 011

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1. 1995A&A...298..743H
Re:AM 0644-741
AM 064-741 (= Lindsay-Shapley ring)
At the time of its discovery by Lindsay & Shapley (1960), the nature of
AM 064-741 was not clear. It was identified as a ring galaxy by Graham
(1974). AM064-74 has three elliptical companions with very close
velocities (Fig. 2). The presence of a faint plume of material between
the ring and the companion near the minor axis strengthens the suspicion
that it is the intruder. The ring is elliptical and contains a prominent
nucleus located near the focus position. In fact, the ring is better
described by a tightly wound spiral arm that can be followed on almost
two revolutions. It is brighter at some locations where there are
condensations of blue stars and associated HII regions. Kinematical
studies of AM064-741 have shown that the ring is rotating about three
times as fast as it is expanding, as predicted by the models
Few et al. 1982).
We have detected CO(1-0) emission at the centre position of
AM644-741, at 45" east and at 45" north to it (Fig. 2). From addition of
those three spectra, we derive a total H_2_ mass of 3.2 10^9^ M_sun_.

2. 1982ESOU..C...0000L
Re:ESO 064425-7411.1
=ESO 034-IG 11
strongly peculiar
outer arms form shell structure
in group of 4

3. 1976RC2...C...0000d
Re:[RC2] A0644-74
Ring galaxy with spherical A component inside ring.
In a group of ellipticals or lenticulars.
Observatory, 80, 23, 1960.
Observatory, 94, 290, 1974.
Photometry and Spectrum:
Observatory, 94, 290, 1974.

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