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Notes for object NGC 2831

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1. 1995A&A...297..643W
Re:NGC 2831
NGC 2831. This E0 galaxy is the second brightest galaxy in the cluster
A779 (Lauer 1988). The brightest galaxy in A779 is the cD galaxy
NGC 2832, which is at an angular distance of 24" from NGC 2831. Although
the relative velocity between these two galaxies is 1692 km s^-1^, NGC
2831 appears to be differentially truncated and warped by a tidal
interaction with NGC 2832. NGC 2831 has a normal r^1/4^ luminosity
profile out to a radius of 13", where it starts to fall below the normal
luminosity profile. The truncation of the luminosity profile is largest
on the side facing NGC 2832. Since NGC 2831 is situated within the
envelope of NGC 2832, Tonry (1985) regards it as a case of multiple
nuclei. We detect 1 x 10^9^ M_sun_ of H_2_ in this galaxy.

2. 1976RC2...C...0000d
Re:NGC 2831
= Holm 123b
= MCG +06-21-013
Compact galaxy.
Part of Arp 315.
In Abell 0779.

3. 1964RC1...C...0000d
Re:NGC 2831
= Holm 123c
In a group including NGC 2830 and NGC 2832; NGC 2832 is the brightest.
M.N.R.A.S. 74, 240, 1914.
Ap. J., 46, 36, 1917.

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