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Notes for object IC 0708

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1. 2010A&A...516A...1L
Re:IC 0708
IC 712 and IC 708 in Abell 1314. This cluster is a binary cluster with two main
condensations visible in the X-ray images. This cluster exhibits very clumpy,
elongated X-ray emission, and a strong X-ray centroid shift (Bliton et al.
1998). This elongation is also present in the galaxy distribution, which shows a
definite ellipticity, oriented mainly E-W (Flin et al. 1995). The BCG of the
main condensation, IC 712, has a WAT structure of very small linear size (~4.6
kpc) with a total flux density at 1.4 GHz of 26.3 mJy (Giovannini et al. 1994).
The BCG of the second condensation is IC 708 which also exhibits a WAT structure
(Vallee et al. 1979) of greater size (~4.5 arcsec), total flux density at 1.4
GHZ of S_5 GHz,core ~ 430 mJy, and core flux density at 6 cm of S_5 GHz,core
~110 mJy.
In our maps, IC 712 is undetected at the 5{sigma} level (>0.45 mJy/beam).
IC 708 (Fig. 6) shows a one-sided structure with a core flux density S ~ 38.8
mJy. The jet is aligned with the kiloparsec structure, and has S ~ 24.8 mJy and
an extension of ~16 mas from the core.

2. 2002AJ....124..675C
Re:UGC 06549
Bent-tail radio source; VLA B-configuration image in Owen & Ledlow
(1997). The NVSS component 65 arcsec south is a confusing source.

3. 1998A&AS..128..153M
Re:GB1 1131+493
UGC6549; IC708; in Abell cluster 1314. References to WSRT maps and
physical parameters in Condon & Broderick (1988AJ.....87.1064C)

4. 1973UGC...C...0000N
Re:UGC 06549
Several small galaxies near

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