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Notes for object NGC 4535

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1. 2006MNRAS.366..812C
Re:NGC 4535
This barred galaxy has a low inclination and an irregular morphology, as mostly
seen in the B-band and H{alpha} images, with several spiral-like structures
arising to the North and South in addition to the main spiral pattern. The
velocity field is perturbed in the northern H{alpha} loop and in the southern
arm-like extension. Streaming motions are also observed along the arms. The PV
diagram shows a steep velocity rise associated with the bright H{alpha} core.
The central regions of NGC 4535 have no neutral gas (Cayatte et al. 1990).

2. 2005MNRAS.360.1201H
Re:NGC 4535
NGC 4535. With NGC 4321, this is another Virgo cluster galaxy with a known
Cepheids distance (16.0 Mpc). It is not located in the main substructure of the
cluster close to the core elliptical galaxy M87 but it lies in the southern
extension related to M49. Although the H{alpha} morphology appears perturbed,
with an obvious indication of multiple spiral arms (these features are even
present in the NIR K_s_ image), its velocity field is regular. No H I was found
in the central parts (Cayatte et al. 1990).

3. 2003PASJ...55...59S
Re:NGC 4535
4.7 NGC 4535 A high CO gas concentration is found at the center, and
the velocity field is normal, showing a spider pattern. The PVD
comprises a single ridge, and the RC rises steeply near the center,
reaching a shoulder like maximum followed by a wavy flat part in the
disk. SMD indicates a core, bulge and disk.

4. 2003PASJ...55...17S
Re:NGC 4535
6.8 NGC 4535 The molecular gas shows a strong concentration in the
central region of ~6" radius. This galaxy is a typical "single-peak"
type. Offset bars are extending from the central disk toward the NE and
SW, coinciding with the optical dark lanes in the bar. The velocity
field shows a usual spider diagram with the zero velocity node at
position angle of 90 deg, coinciding with the optical minor axis.
However, the CO arms along the dark lanes show some non-circular
streaming velocity, indicating inflow along the arms. The PV diagram
shows a sharply rising, but rigid body-like behavior within the central
molecular disk.

5. 2002A&A...391...83B
Re:NGC 4535
NGC 4535 (Fig. 12) exhibits apparently unpolarized radio emission from
the central region and the bar, which is small and just resolved in our
images. The polarized emission mainly comes from spiral arms with
aligned magnetic fields and from the northern interarm region (Fig. 25).
Faraday rotation is weak between {lambda}22 cm and {lambda}6 cm
(|RM| <= 10 rad m^-2^), but larger between {lambda}6 cm and {lambda}3 cm
(RM ~ +80 rad m^-2^).

6. 2001A&A...368...16M
Re:NGC 4535
35. NGC 4535 is a large face-on SBc galaxy with two strong arms in the
Virgo cluster. Nevertheless, we obtained quite reliable fit results, only
the small central bar lead to some problems with the residuum there. In the
HST key project the Cepheid distance of NGC 4535 was determined to 16.6 Mpc
(Macri et al. 1999; Sakai et al. 2000).

7. 2000AstL...26..285C
Re:NGC 4535
NGC 4535. Straightened segments are observed at the ends of the
spiral arms. The blurred band connecting the end of the inner bright arm
with the outer island of star formation appears to be a long row.

8. 1994CAG1..B...0000S
Re:NGC 4535
VCC 1555
Feb 24/25, 1979
103aO + Wr2c
45 min
NGC 4535 is one of the largest spirals
considered to be a member of the Virgo Cluster. It
is shown with other cluster members, enlarged to a
common scale, in the Virgo Cluster atlas
(Sandage, Binggeli, and Tammann 1985a), where
it is evident that this galaxy is among the
seven largest galaxies associated with the cluster.
HII regions are prevalent in the thin,
well-formed, regular arms, the largest of which begin
to resolve at about 1".
The nucleus is bright and is starlike
(unresolved at 0.7"), similar to Seyfert (AGN)
Two thin dust lanes winding outward from
the central regions arc evident. They are curved
rather than straight, as in the prototype Sb
galaxy NGC 1300, but the pattern as a shock in
the central oval potential seems clear.

9. 1976RC2...C...0000d
Re:NGC 4535
= Holm 420a
Pair with Holm 420b at 5 arcmin
Classification and Photograph:
IAU Symp. No.38, 11, 1970.
Photometry (10 microns):
Ap. J. (Letters), 176, L95, 1972.
Ap. J., 159, 405, 1970.

10. 1973UGC...C...0000N
Re:UGC 07727
SAB(s)c (de Vaucouleurs), Sc- (Holmberg)

11. 1964RC1...C...0000d
Re:NGC 4535
= Holm 420a
Very sharp, very small, extremely bright nucleus or star. Smooth bar or lens
with a dark lane. 2 main, partially resolved arms with many branches.
Pair with an anonymous galaxy (= Holm 420b) at 5 arcmin.
Ap. J., 135, 7, 1962.
HII Regions:
Zeit. fur Ap., 50, 168, 1960.

12. 1956AJ.....61...97H
Re:NGC 4535
HMS Note No. 141
Nuclear absorption spectrum, with broad, faint lines.

13. 1918PLicO..13....9C
Re:NGC 4535
A beautiful, rather open, two-branched spiral, with a bright, almost stellar
nucleus. 6' x 3' in p.a. 30^deg^; two regular, well separated whorls, showing
numerous almost stellar condensations.

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