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Notes for object NGC 4625

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1. 2008MNRAS.388..500E
Re:UGC 07861
UGC 7861 (NGC 4625). This galaxy is the companion of UGC 7853 (see notes above).
Here agaat the centre of the galaxy is offset from the centre of the velocity
field due to the strong southern tidal arm. Our H{alpha} rotation curve shows a
strong dispersion in the central part (up to 10 arcsec from the centre) then
rises slowly as a solid body up to the optical limit (of about 40 arcsec)
suggesting that the maximum rotation velocity is probably not reached.
Fabry-Perot observations of this galaxy, with the 3.6-m CFHT, have been
published by Daigle et al. (2006a), their velocity field and rotation curve are
in good agreement with ours. H I has been observed by WHISP (website), their
position-velocity diagram suggests a rotation curve with a plateau extending
beyond the optical limit, from 1 up to 4 arcmin.

2. 2007ApJS..173..538T
Re:NGC 4625
NGC 4625 (Fig. 16.24).-One of the first known XUV-disks, GALEX observations of
this SAB(rs)m pec galaxy show that the outer disk is organized into spiral arms,
although the surface covering factor remains quite high compared to M83 or NGC
5055, for instance, which both have a more filamentary appearance. Abundance is
low (although not primordial) in the outer disk, as measured in a population of
faint H II regions (Gil de Paz et al. 2007b). Most of the XUV-disk stellar
complexes are too faint for individual detection by SDSS. NGC 4625 is
interacting with NGC 4618 and possibly NGC 4625A (Gil de Paz et al. 2005). NGC
4625 is a member of the NGC 4631 group. H I data for the NGC 4625/4618 pair were
obtained by the WHISP project and show the usual correlation between H I
substructure and the outer disk UV clumps.

3. 2006MNRAS.366.1265B
Re:NGC 4625
This galaxy has a close companion, lying 8 arcmin away, which is only 22-kpc
distant. The galaxy has a very weak rotation and harbours a lot of double
profile emission lines, a sign of non-circular activity. This explains the large
errors on the kinematical parameters found and the "boiling" aspect of the
H{alpha} velocity field extracted. van Moorsel (1983) studied it in H I and
found a neutral hydrogen disc having a diameter of 5 arcmin, which is
approximately five times larger than the observed H{alpha} disc. GALEX images of
this galaxy show a very extended UV disc, extending at least 2-3 times the
radius of the main star-forming disc (Gil de Paz et al. 2005).

4. 2002PNAOJ...6..107M
Re:KUG 1239+415
Blue clumps and knots are scattered on the arm and the central region.
KUG morphology of Sk+Sp [with KUG 1239+214].

5. 2002AJ....124..675C
Re:UGC 07861
Diffuse radio source.

6. 1994CAG1..B...0000S
Re:NGC 4625
Karachentsev 349 [with NGC 4618]
Sc(s)II-III pec
April 29/30, 1979
6 min
NGC 4625 is not in the RSA but is a
companion to NGC 4618 (SBbc; panel 212), which
is in that catalog. The pair have closely the same
redshifts, at v_o(4618) = 563 km/s and
v_o(4625) = 640 km/s. The angular separation
of 8.5' at a redshift distance of 12 Mpc (H = 50)
gives the small projected linear separation of 30
kpc. The pair is number 349 in Karachentsev's
catalog of close pairs.
The morphology of both NGC 4618 (panel
212) and NGC 4625, here, is peculiar. Both
galaxies have a single dominant arm, as if pulled
out by a tidal encounter. The resolution into stars
and HII regions is at the same level in both
galaxies. The high degree of resolution is consistent
with the low mean redshift of = 602 km/s
for the pair.

7. 1976RC2...C...0000d
Re:NGC 4625
= IC 3675
= Holm 438b
= K 349b
In Arp 023
Interacting (?) pair with NGC 4618 at 8.3 arcmin
Photograph and Photometry:
Mem. S.A. Ital., 38, No. 2, 1967 = Cont. Asiago, No. 197.
Vistas in Ast., Vol. 14, pp. 199, 231, 1972.

8. 1973UGC...C...0000N
Re:UGC 07861
SAB(rs)m pec (de Vaucouleurs), Sc+ (Holmberg)
One short, thin arm and one long, massive
See UGC 07853

9. 1964RC1...C...0000d
Re:NGC 4625
= IC 3675
= Holm 438b
Small, bright nucleus or short bar. One main, partially resolved arm, one
fainter. Strongly asymmetric.
Interacting (?) pair with NGC 4618 at 8.3 arcmin; similar to the LMC-SMC pair.
Lund 9 dimensions are for the bright part only.

10. 1918PLicO..13....9C
Re:NGC 4625
A small, rather faint, single whorled spiral 1' in diameter, nearly round.

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