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Notes for object UM 632

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1. 1998A&AS..129..219D
Re:[HB89] 1402-012
1402-012 [Q, z = 2.518]
This high redshift quasar has been reported to be optically variable (Pica et
al. 1988), and to have a number of absorption features in the optical spectrum
(Junkkarinen et al. 1991). Moreover is has also been detected by the Einstein
satellite in the X-rays (Wilkes et al. 1994).
The radio flux densities collected from the literature do not allow a complete
determination of the radio spectrum. The mas radio emission is dominated by a
single component at both frequencies, barely resolved at X band, where the whole
flux density is accounted for. On the other hand at S band only about 75% of the
total flux is present in the image (not shown).

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