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Notes for object Tucana Dwarf

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1. 2005ApJ...622..217W
Re:Tucana Dwarf
This also had no listed radial velocity uncertainty; the bins in the
paper are 10 km s^-1^ wide, so this is a reasonable amount.

2. 2000ApJ...541..675B
Re:Tucana Dwarf
Tucana is below the southern declination limit for the LDS but was
observed at the ATCA by Oosterloo et al. (1996), who found an H I cloud
close to, but not quite coincident with the galaxy. The centroid of the
emission is located only 15" from the galaxy and some of the emission is
as close as 1" from it. The joint probability of such close agreement in
position and velocity between the observed H I and the optical galaxy is
about 10^-4^, which suggests that the H I cloud is indeed bound to the
galaxy. Furthermore, the Oosterloo et al. (1996) observations were done
with the ATCA, and the map extends over a large fraction of the beam. It
is therefore likely that the extent of the H I emission is larger than
that shown in their map and similar to what is observed in Sculptor. The
relationship of the H I to the optical galaxy in this case is similar to
galaxies such as Leo I, And V, Sculptor, and possibly LGS 3. The low
probability of a chance superposition, together with the similarity to
other systems, suggests that the H I is indeed related to Tucana. If the
cloud is at the distance of the dSph, it has a mass of 1.5 x 10^6^

3. 1985SGC...C...0000C
Re:SGC 2238.5-6441
Plate 1869
Very low surface brightness Scl/For dwarf type; incipient resolution? Several
stars superposed. Superposed on small group south-following.

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