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Notes for object [HB89] 0104-408

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1. 2004ApJS..155...33S
Re:VSOP J0106-4034
The area subtended by the core component is less than 0.05 mas^2^.

2. 2004A&A...424...91E
Re:PKS J0106-4034
J0106-4034 has the fourth highest 4.8 to 8.4 GHz spectral index in the
ATCA sample. PKSCAT flux densities of 0.57 Jy at 2.7 GHz and 0.85 Jy at
5.0 GHz differ significantly from corresponding values of 1.64 and 3.56
Jy from the ATCA monitoring. The PMN 4.85 GHz flux density of 2584+-99
mJy (Wright et al. 1994) and high frequency flux densities evident in
Fig. 5 also suggest significant variability, although the variability
index is quite moderate. Kedziora-Chudczer et al. (2001) report evidence
for intra-day variability at 2.4 GHz.

3. 2003AJ....126.2237D
Re:PKS 0104-408
4.7. Quasars
There are a number of known radio-loud quasars in the radio-excess
sample: PKS 0104-408 (F01044-4050), Q0521-365 (F05212-3630), Q0558-504
(F05585-5026), Q0637-752 (F06374-7513), Q1244-255 (F12440-2531),
3C 345 (F16413+3954), PKS 2313-477 (F23135-4745), and Q2349-014
(F23493-0126). These objects all have high radio powers [L_{nu}_(4.8
GHz) > 10^25^ W Hz^-1^] and FIR luminosities {nu}L_{nu}_(60 micron) >
10^10.7^L_solar_. All but one of these quasars have large radio
excesses with u < -0.2; Q0558-504 is the exception.

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