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Notes for object [HB89] 0123-226

3 note(s) found in NED.

1. 1999ApJS..122...29B
Re:MRC 0123-226
MRC B0123-226. - The [O III] {lambda}4959/{lambda}5007 line ratio
appears to be less than 1/3, perhaps indicating a problem with sky
subtraction or possible blending with Fe II {lambda}4924. The 3000 A
bump is prominent. The redshift was first reported by Hunstead,
Murdoch, & Shobbrook (1978); an early spectrum was published by Wilkes
et al. (1983).

2. 1998ApJS..118..327K
Re:MRC 0123-226
The extended structure is mostly resolved out in the 8.44 GHz image,
with S_8.44_(core) = 98 mJy.

3. 1978MNRAS.185..149H
Re:[HB89] 0123-226
Mg II is the only line seen with good signal/noise ratio. A broad line is
probably present near the edge of the scan at 8370A, corresponding to H{beta}
at z=0.722.

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