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Notes for object 3C 047

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1. 2006MNRAS.370.1893H
Re:3C 047
A2. 3C 47 - This quasar is reasonably well fitted ({chi}^2^= 62/48) with a
single power-law model with {GAMMA} = 1.5+/-0.1, but when a second power law is
added the fit is improved and the 90 per cent error on the normalization is
non-zero, so we adopt that model. The single power-law fit is consistent with
earlier results (Lawson et al. 1992).

2. 2002ApJS..140..143B
Re:3C 047
q0133+2042, z = 0.425.-This is 3C 47, whose FOS spectrum is described by
Wills et al. (1995). There is a strong associated C IV absorber. G270,

3. 1996A&A...313..423H
Re:3C 047
3C 47 We measured no extended [O II]{lambda}3727 for this quasar. This is
consistent with the spectroscopy of Crawford et al.(1988), who found unresolved
[O III]{lambda}5007 emission at slit position angle PA = 10^deg^. A further
spectrum of the quasar is given in Jackson & Browne (1991).

4. 1964ApJ...140...35M
Re:3C 047
No. 5.-Redshift by Schmidt (Schmidt and Matthews 1964).

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