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Notes for object [HB89] 0402-362

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1. 2005A&A...435..839T
4.2 Previously identified inverted-spectrum sources
B0402-362: this source is a low polarization quasar (z = 1.417) The
spectrum seems to be convex but the variability at 37 and 90 GHz
implies that the convexity is only apparent and due to too sparse data.
The lower envelope of spectrum is flat and since the variability is
only moderate (Var_{DELTA}S,max_ = 3.83), the source is labelled as

2. 2004ApJS..155...33S
Re:VSOP J0403-3605
The core is extended to the northeast, in the direction of faint
extended emission seen by the VLBApls, USNO, and VLBA2cm2 images.

3. 2001AJ....121.1306T
Re:[HB89] 0402-362
B0402-362 (z = 1.417). - An LPQ (p = 0.6%; Impey & Tapia 1990) that
shows very strong variability in the millimeter domain but for which no
low-frequency variability information has been published. Our plot shows a
spectrum that is initially flat but strongly inverted from 2 to 8 GHz. The
strong variability in the millimeter domain leads us to suspect that the
true quiescent spectrum of this source might be flat and become inverted
only during flares.

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