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Notes for object FBQS J070732.9+382213

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1. 1994A&AS..105...91B
Re:4C +38.20
0704+384 (4C 38.20, Fig. 16) Miley & Hartsuijker (1978) show a 5.0 GHz
WSRT image of this quasar, in which more diffuse emission is present than
in our 15 GHz image. This is also the case for the 1.4 GHz VLA A array
image given by Price et al. (1993), who also present a 8.4 GHz VLA A
array image.

2. 1974ApJ...193..505S
Re:4C +38.20
4C +38.20
The spectra also show weak [Ne III] {lambda}3968 emission at 6264 A.
Except for the Mg II emission which is about 50 A wide, the lines are
unresolved, hence less than 10 A wide.

3. 1970AJ.....75..764O
Re:4C +38.20
The QSO candidate was confirmed spectroscopically by Schmidt.

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