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Notes for object 3C 208

2 note(s) found in NED.

1. 1998ApJ...503..138D
Re:3C 208
0851+142 (3C 208); FR II (z = 1.020).-The low extended emission
fraction of this source is consistent with a modest redshift effect due
to the cosmological surface brightness dimming. The source is the
rightmost triangle in Figure 3.

2. 1994A&AS..105..247A
Re:3C 208
0850+140, 3C208, quasar: This source has a double-lobed asymmetric
structure with a weak and compact central component. Our map suggests
that the structure of the eastern component is simpler than is suggested
by the earlier MERLIN map of Cawthorne et al. (1986). However, a more
recent MERLIN map (Roland & Akujor, private communication) shows that the
hotspots in both lobes are well set back from the outermost edges, and
the core and lobes are associated with surrounding radio emission. In
comparison with single dish flux density, our map contains only about 50%
of the source total flux density (Kuhr et al. 1979). The missing flux
density may reside in the surrounding emission seen in the Roland and
Akujor map.

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