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Notes for object [HB89] 0858-771

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1. 2005ApJS..156...13M
Re:[HB89] 0858-771
3.3.5. 0858-771 Our ATCA image of 0858-771 shows a two-sided jet (Fig.
1e). No linearly polarized flux was detected in the core with a 3
{sigma} detection limit of 2 mJy. In the southern jet the electric
vectors are orthogonal to the jet direction, while in the northern jet
the polarization structure is more complex. No polarized flux is
detected along the weak inner part of the northern jet but the lobe is
polarized by up to 12%. On the western side of the lobe, where the
inner jet terminates, the electric vectors are parallel to the jet
direction. However, on the eastern side of the lobe the E-vectors have
rotated by 90deg. It is at the termination of the inner north jet where
we find a few X-ray photons that do not comprise a significant
detection of the jet or its termination. No VLBI data are available for
this source to give an idea of the initial directions of the jets. We
detect no associated extended X-ray emission.

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