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Notes for object [HB89] 0859-140

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1. 2002ApJS..140..143B
Re:[HB89] 0859-140
q0859-1403, z = 1.327.-PKS FOS data were presented by Wills et
al. (1995). Aldcroft et al. (1994) present an optical absorption line
spectrum. A Mg II system at z = 0.209 proposed by Boisse et al. (1992)
is not confirmed, with no Fe II lines detected at the expected
wavelengths at that red-shift. G270.

2. 1998AJ....115.1295K
Re:[HB89] 0859-140
0859-140.--A long, thin, curved jet emerges from the core.

3. 1997AJ....114.2254S
Re:[HB89] 0859-140
(h) Q0859-1403; z_em_=1.327. The spectra from the two epochs match well. The
C IV and C III] lines were stronger in the first epoch spectrum.

4. 1996A&A...308..415B
Re:[HB89] 0859-140
0859-140: structure fitted with three components. It appears quite symmetric
at all epochs, but the extended structure in the N-S direction must be taken
with caution. The source has not varied, even if the epoch 3 map shows much
more detailed structure than the previous epochs. This is almost certainly
due to better epoch 3 sensitivity. MERLIN observations at 408 MHz (Mantovani,
private communication) show a compact core and two lobes aligned in the N-S

5. 1994ApJS...93....1A
Re:PKS 0859-14
Q0859-1403 (PKS 0859-14, z_em_ = 1.327)
SS previously studied this object in the range 3900 -
6995A and found no absorption lines. Boisse et al. (1992)
obtained a spectrum covering 3185 - 3946A and found a very
tentative Mg II absorber at z_abs_=0.2095. Our spectrum is not
sensitive enough to have detected this system.

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