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Notes for object NGC 2841 UB3

2 note(s) found in NED.

1. 2002ApJS..140..143B
Re:NGC 2841 UB3
q0916+5118, z = 0.553-We identify metal absorption lines at z = 0.51 and
0.24. The spectrum is discussed by J98. The z = 0.24 system is not
identified by these authors. G270, G190.

2. 2000ApJS..129..563S
Re:[HB89] 0918+511 NED03
NGC 2841UB3 (z_em_ = 0.553). - The average Mg II velocity
equivalent width of 158 km s^-1^ substantially exceeds the H I 21 cm
emission extent of 98 km s^-1^. The Mg II absorption is probably
detecting the presence of the H I HVC associated with complex A at
v = -122.1 km s^-1^. The feature at ~ -1200 km s^-1^ in Figure 9 is
attributed to fixed pattern noise.

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