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Notes for object [HB89] 1030-357

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1. 2005ApJS..156...13M
Re:[HB89] 1030-357
3.3.8. 1030-357 X-ray emission is marginally detected from the inner 8"
of the jet that has a slight bend toward the southeasterly of two
bright radio features about 13" from the core (Fig. 1h). Two
X-ray-bright, resolved knots are associated with the bright features,
which may be interpreted as two 90deg bends in the jet. The radio
polarization electric field vectors are orthogonal to the jet direction
at least as far as the first knot. New VLBI images show a jet about
0.002" long at nearly the same position angle as the 10" scale jet
(R. Ojha 2004, private communication). A more detailed analysis of the
X-ray and radio data is presented by D. A. Schwartz et al. (2005, in

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