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Notes for object [HB89] 1059+730

2 note(s) found in NED.

1. 2008ApJ...687..767K
Re:MS 1059.0+7302
(Fig. 24).-The best-fitting model requires a bulge and a disk. There is a
ringlike structure in the residual image.

2. 1992MNRAS.256..589P
Re:E 1059+730
E1059+730, z = 0.089. This is a weak X-ray detection but the hard
component is relatively strong. It also appears in the HGLS and in the
EMSS. From the spectrum in Stephens, the red Fe II blend appears stronger
than the blue. Also, H{alpha} is strong but [N II] is not seen, whereas
MDC note that the [N II] emission is strong. The Balmer lines are broad
and the H{beta}/[O III] lines are badly blended, possibly due to
underlying Fe II. The slope of the optical continuum appears flat. This
AGN has been classified by Stephens as a Seyfert 1. It appears slightly
extended on the quick V finding chart. The V magnitude is listed in the
EMSS as 16.32 (from CCD photometry), and as 14.7+/-0.5 in Chanan, Margon
& Downes (1981]. HCC give a ratio of major to minor axis, b/a, of 0.42
and a ratio Ln:Lf of 0.57. They describe it as a spiral with an edge-on
appearance (possibly due to local obscuration) that may be interacting,
and a group/cluster member. HCCGM add that it is one of the two most
flattened systems in their sample and has dimensions typical of a large
spiral galaxy. This is an X-ray selected source.

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