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Notes for object [HB89] 1104+167

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1. 2002ApJS..140..143B
Re:[HB89] 1104+167
q1104+1644, z = 0.634.-We identify metal absorbers at z = 0.454 and a
tentative system at z = 0.387. G270, G190.

2. 2000ApJS..129..563S
Re:MRC 1104+167
MC 1104+167 (z_em_ = 0.634). - The average Mg II velocity
equivalent width of 149 km s^-1^ is considerably larger than the H I
emission width of 108 km s^-1^. The wing on the negative-velocity side
of the Mg II {lambda}2796 profile was fitted with a 3.7{sigma} component
in the incomplete sample (see Table 3). There is no evidence for
H I HVCs in this direction.

3. 1992AJ....104.1311H
Re:[HB89] 1104+167
1104+167 (Fig. 7; z = 0.63).
There is no evidence that either the R band or narrowband images are

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