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Notes for object NGC 0863

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1. 2004ApJ...613..682P
Re:MRK 0590
Mrk 590. The H{beta} profile in the rms spectrum in the first data set
(JD 2,448,090-2,448,323) seems anomalously narrow, although the rms
spectrum for this data set is significantly noisier than for the other
rms spectra (note the lower value of F_var_ in Table 5). We have
therefore excluded the first data set from the mass analysis, since the
line width is questionable although the lag measurement seems

2. 2003ApJS..148..327S
Re:Mrk 0590
5.5. Mrk 590
This Seyfert 1 galaxy has a slightly extended NLR (Fig. 5, bottom
left), with dimensions of 1.1" x 1.5" (560 x 770 pc), and major axis
along P.A. = -5^deg^. This emission does not resemble a conically
shaped NLR. Most of the extended [O III] emission comes from the
region north of the nucleus and is misaligned by ~50^deg^ relative to
the host galaxy major axis. The radio emission (Schmitt et al. 2001b)
is unresolved.

3. 2002AJ....124..675C
Re:UGC 01727
Seyfert 1.2.

4. 1998ApJ...501...82P
Re:MRK 0590
Markarian 590 was included in our program because our early IDS observations
showed that it underwent enormous H{beta} variations. Additional observations
indicated that the emission-line variations were concentrated in the core of the
line; the wings apparently vary much less, leading Ferland, Korista, & Peterson
(1990) to suggest that the high radial velocity H{beta} emission arises in an
optically thin gas. A preliminary version of a subset of our CCD observations
(JD 2448090-2448323) has been previously published (Peterson et al. 1993).

5. 1998AJ....116.2682C
Re:IRAS 02120-0059
NGC 863, Mrk 590. Seyfert 1.2. Optical position from Clements (1981).
The compact radio core has a flux density S = 5.0 mJy at 2.29 GHz on the
275 km Parkes-Tidbinbilla Interferometer (PTI) baseline (Roy et al.
1994). VLA A-configuration 8.4 GHz map of the core in Kukula et al.
(1995), C-configuration 8.4 GHz flux density 4.38 mJy. The original IRAS
PSC position is quite far from NGC 863, but the FSC2 position
{alpha} = 02^h^12^m^00.3^s^, {delta} = -01^deg^00'04" is in good
agreement with the accurate optical and radio positions.

6. 1995MNRAS.276.1262K
Re:MRK 0590
Markarian 590: (NGC 863, UGC 03374) Type 1. Host galaxy: Sa (UGC). Radio:
as with 0152+06, the C-array object is slightly resolved even though the
majority of the flux comes from the unresolved source in the A-array map.

7. 1986AnTok..212.127T
Re:KUG 0212-009
Face-on S or S0 galaxy with the extended halo.

8. 1976RC2...C...0000d
Re:NGC 0863
= MRK 0590
Seyfert galaxy.
Astrofizika, 10, 485, 1974.

9. 1973UGC...C...0000N
Re:UGC 01727
See UGC 01713

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