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Notes for object FBQS J133037.6+250910

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1. 1998AJ....115.1295K
Re:3C 287
1328+254.--This source (3C 287) is largely resolved by our observations, which
show only a weak compact feature. We do not attempt to classify this structure.

2. 1998A&A...332...10M
Re:3C 287
3C287 (1328+254)
The image of 3C287 at {lambda}6cm with 7 mas resolution shows a regularly
curving jet-like structure; this bears some similarity to that in 3C119 (Fanti
et al. 1989). The source brightness decreases smoothly along the curved jet. It
is not clear where the core is located so we cannot add its parameters to Table
3. Fanti et al. 1989 suggest that the main component (A in their Fig. 3) is the
possible site for the core. This is the most compact feature visible at
{lambda}6cm but it does have a spectral index of ~0.5 between {lambda}18cm and
{lambda}6cm (Nan Ren-dong et al. 1988).

3. 1997ApJS..110..191d
Re:3C 287
3C 287 (quasar, z = 1.055, m_F702W_ = 17.47).-This quasar is completely
PSF dominated, and no extended optical emission is seen. The radio image
(0.6 GHz VLBI; Nan Rendong et al. 1991) has a much smaller scale than the

4. 1994ApJS...93....1A
Re:3C 287
Q1328+2524 (3C 287, z_em_ = 1.055)
We find no published spectra for this object and our spectrum shows no
absorption lines.

5. 1965AJ.....70..384W
Re:3C 287
A blue object, starlike in appearance except for an indistinct southern edge,
lies in the search area, m_pg_~18.0. Photoelectric observations by Sandage
(Sandage and Wyndham 1965) have confirmed this as a quasi-stellar radio source.
A faint jet projects N E for about 16" of arc, visible on the red plate only.

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