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Notes for object NGC 4644

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1. 2008A&A...492..367H
Re:NGC 4644
SBS 1240+554 - A Sb-type spiral galaxy with a starburst nucleus forms a pair
with this edge-on disk galaxy SBS 1240+554C having an HII nucleus (V_hel_ = 4800
km s^-1^). The separation between these two galaxies (KPG352A and B) is 1.43
arcmin (29 kpc). Bottinelli et al. (1999) reported an HI flux of 3.9 +/- 1.5 Jy
km s^-1^, in agreement with the present work.

2. 1999A&AS..135..429B
Re:PGC 042708
Confused by PGC 42725 = MCG 9-21-32 (V = 4913 km s^-1^); C_p_ = 0.79 and
C_v_ = 0.97.

3. 1976RC2...C...0000d
Re:NGC 4644
= Kara[72] 352a
Pair with NGC 4644A at 1.7 arcmin
In Haro 32 Group (A1241+55A,B)
Photograph, Dimensions, Photometry and Spectrum:
A.J., 75, 1143, 1970. (Obj. 32C,D).

4. 1970AJ.....75.1143D
Re:NGC 4644
Galaxies HARO 32C and HARO 32D appear on one plate, with the slit
oriented at P. A. = 90^deg^. Only H and K lines of Ca II were identified,
and the radial velocities in the table are the average of these two
lines, {DELTA}V = 149 km/sec. The dimensions in column 5 were measured
on a print from the Palomar Sky Survey blue plate.

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