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Notes for object 4C +28.38

4 note(s) found in NED.

1. 2000A&A...362..871C
Re:PGC 053477
1455+28: The presence of hour-glass shaped dust absorption gives this
galaxy a quite irregular appearance. The central knot is compact but
completely resolved. Companion galaxy at ~ 10".

2. 1997A&AS..126..335M
Re:B2 1455+28
1455+28 The source core is detected in the 4.8 GHz map.

3. 1994A&AS..103..157M
Re:B2 1455+28
This edge-brightened source has a rather symmetric appearance at 10.6 GHz
(Fig. 13a). Low degrees of polarization (<10%) may be connected with the
lateral extension of the source seen at high resolution (de Ruiter et al.
1986; Fanti et al. 1987). The overall orientation of the magnetic field
is parallel to the source axis except near the center where the field is
seen to turn off (Fig. 13b). This, too, may be related to the lateral

4. 1970AJ.....75..764O
Re:4C +28.38
Two ED galaxies are near the radio position. The *16mag one
is 17''west and 20''north and the *16.8-mag one is 23''east and 5''south of
the radio position. The radio data indicates resolution of the
source has affected the position. The right ascension quoted
here is different from that given in the previous paper (Olsen
1967, A. J., 72, 738) and results from a measurement at 1417 MHz with an
interferometer in an east-west orientation with a baseline of
two-hundred feet.

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