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Notes for object 4C +29.47

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1. 2005ApJ...618..635G
Re:4C +29.47
1316+29 (4C 29.47) (Fig. 9)
The parsec-scale image shows a symmetric extended structure oriented
east-west. The VLA image shows extended emission aligned with the
parsec-scale structure; however, the two-sided jet emission at
arcsecond resolution is in the north-south direction with a clear
S-shaped structure and a 90^deg^ jet curvature (Fanti et al. 1987).

2. 1994A&AS..103..157M
Re:OP +228
The s-shaped structure of this source which is visible at high resolution
(de Ruiter et al. 1986; Fanti et al. 1987) has been smeared out by our
69" beam (Fig. 8a). The mean orientation of the magnetic field is
perpendicular to the source axis. The typical degrees of polarization of
~15% - 20% indicate significant beam depolarization (see Fig. 8b). This
is explicable if the field follows the complex structure seen on small

3. 1993A&AS...99..407C
Re:B2 1316+29
The polarization is larger along the spiral-like ridge visible in total
intensity; we found values of about 20%. See also Condon & Mitchell

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