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Notes for object NGC 0979

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1. 2002A&A...386..140V
Re:PRC C-14
C-14 (= NGC 979): No optical velocity is known of this object,
and it does not appear to have been detected in H I. A detection
with the Green Bank 43-m telescope was reported in Paper I, with
a centre velocity of 4775 km s^-1^, an exceptionally large width
of W_20_=678 km s^-1^ and a peak flux density of ~30 mJy, while
at Parkes no line signal was detected by Hawarden et al. (1981),
with a published upper limit to the integrated H I line flux of
10.4 Jy km s^-1^. As no trace of the signal seen at Green Bank
can be found in our Parkes data, which have an rms noise level
of 3.3 mJy, it must have been due to interference. Our Parkes
spectrum shows a marginal H I detection at V_HI_=5240 km s^-1^,
which is likely to be associated with ESO 246 G-22, a 14.4 mag
SBc spiral with an optical redshift of 5127 +/- 60 km s^-1^
(LEDA), 9.1' from the PRC object. We therefore consider PRC C-14
to be undetected in our survey, and the upper limit to its
M_HI_/L_B_ ratio of 0.22 M_sun_/L_sun,B_ listed in Table 1 was
estimated using a 300 km s^-1^ linewidth, like for all objects
of unknown redshift.

2. 2000A&AS..141..385V
Re:NGC 0979
C-14 = NGC 979 (G) No optical redshift has been published for this
object. Our Green Bank H I profile of this galaxy is very broad
{DELTA}V_20_ = 678 km s^-1^) and centered at 4775 km s^-1^. This may be
due to confusion with ESO 426-22, a 14.8 mag SBc spiral at 9' distance
with an optical redshift of 5127 +/- 60 km s^-1^; no H I spectrum has
been published of this galaxy.

3. 1994AJ....107...99R
Re:NGC 0979
C-14 = NGC 979 = ESO 246-G23. The outer optical ring is faint and
smooth; it may be a face-on polar ring. The GB 140' measured an H I mass
of 2.4 x 10^10^ M_sun_, with a large linewidth of 678 km s^-1^; the
profile is single-peaked rather than double-horned. To our knowledge,
this detection provides the only known redshift for this galaxy. NED
lists one companion within 20': ESO 246-G22, which is 9' away and has an
optical radial velocity of 5127 km s^-1^. This companion may have
contributed to the measured flux and large velocity spread of the gas.

4. 1986MNRAS.222..673F
Re:FM 246-18
SB0 type with faint possible outer ring

5. 1985SGC...C...0000C
Re:NGC 0979
Plate 2724
Overexposed center and bar, (r'): 0.5 x -, extremely faint (R): 1.7 x 1.0.

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