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Notes for object 3C 326.1

2 note(s) found in NED.

1. 1994A&AS..105..247A
Re:3C 326.1
1553+201, 3C326.1, galaxy: This source is one of the most distant 3CR
radio galaxies at z = 1.825 redshift and has been suggested to be a
proto-galaxy on the basis of its enormous Ly{alpha} luminosity (McCarthy
et al. 1987). Our map shows a double-lobed structure consistent with
published VLA image (McCarthy et al. 1987). The brighter and more compact
hotspot to the West is closely coincident with the peak of bright
emission-line gas.

2. 1974ApJ...191...43K
Re:3C 326.1
Probably still empty.
Faint stellar object ("a" in Fig. 8)
is 11 arcsec +/- 4 arcsec [south-west]
of precise radio position of
Adgie, R.L., Crowther, J.H., and Gent, H.
(1972) MNRAS, 159, 233.
Galaxy "b" is 25 arcsec [south-west] of this position.

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