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Notes for object 3C 252

5 note(s) found in NED.

1. 2004MNRAS.347..508G
Re:3C 252 Source 3C 252 (Fig. 14) The south-eastern lobe shows a sharp
drop in the polarization between the 4.7 and 1.4 GHz observations.

2. 2000MNRAS.311....1B
Re:3C 252
3C 252 shows line emission extended over only a few arcsec, with a
smooth velocity profile again representing simple rotation or
infall/outflow (Fig. 6). The galaxy has the lowest velocity FWHM of any
source in the sample, although still with a velocity dispersion
significantly greater than the mean relative velocities. The integrated
[O II] 3727 flux is among the lowest in the sample, but many of the
other emission-lines are strong by comparison.

3. 1995ApJS...99...27M
Re:3C 252
3C 252 (z = 1.10; Fig. 48).-Our images of this galaxy were taken in poor
(2.5" FWHM) seeing. The [O II] emission appears to be extended, but we do
not resolve any structure. The radio source is a 60" double.

4. 1993MNRAS.263..936D
Re:3C 252
3C252 (Fig. A1k). The extension to the south-south-west seen at K is also
apparent in the R-band image of Hammer & Le Fevre (1990), and is also
just visible in the H-band image of Rigler et al. (1992). The position
angle determined from our K-band image is 47^deg^, whereas the radio
source is a large (56 arcsec) double at position angle 106^deg^. Thus
there is no evidence of significant alignment in our K-band image
(although there is some in the image of Rigler et al. 1992), and little
at R (although there is some evidence that the lowest isophotes in the R-
band image of Hammer & Le Fevre are elongated along the radio axis).

5. 1978ApJ...219..803K
Re:3C 252
No Identification.
Best available plates are the Sky Survey,
which are empty except for several objects at the limit
(most noticeable on the blue plate)
near center line of radio source, which is an unequal (ratio of 2)
double with 55 arcsec separation.

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